Zed uses 2 libraries, which must be installed prior to compiling Zed:

They are both included in the Zed source distribution. YOU SHOULD USE THE PROVIDED VERSIONS. This is because the QScintilla version included isn't an official release and with earlier versions, there isn't HTML and SQL highlighting. The included QuteXR version is also slightly modified to allow for Zope authentication.

1. The first step is installing the ZedRoot Zope product, this can be done by simply decompressiong the ZedRoot tarball in $ZOPEDIR/lib/python/Products

2. The second step is instantiating a ZedRoot object somewhere in your Zope tree. The location in which it's instantiated will be treated as the "root" for the clients connecting to that particular ZedRoot, you may have as many ZedRoots in your Zope tree as you like

3. The final step consists in compiling Zed, this is described in detail in the INSTALL file included in the Zed tarball.